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Your eyelashes – a feature you usually don’t think about, unless and until something causes you to notice them. For instance, when they’re thinning, falling out, showing gaps, and just not doing their job! There are lots of reasons for changes in the hairs on your eyelids; many are medical, and just as many are habit-related. (*as in, when you try … Read more


Is there a hard and fast ‘upper limit’ for age in Plastic Surgery? As with most good questions, there’s more involved in the answer than a simple Yes or No. But, we’ll start with the simplest response.  No. That doesn’t mean we’re going to advocate that all 90-year olds start lining up for nips and tucks. There’s a lot of … Read more

CHINS UP! Can You Lose Your Double Chin?

Chin awareness is at an all-time high.  We can probably thank our state-of-the-art, technological times for the new emphasis on the lower part of the face, and neck. You’ve seen the stories, and you’ve probably seen what they’re talking about, as you scrutinize yourself and your friends in any number of Selfies. What a lot of people are noticing – … Read more


  Lift? Laser? Lather?    What have you tried – and what can you do to improve the appearance of your neck? As you’ve probably heard (and maybe even noticed first-hand) the neck is one of those areas with a high place on the list of “first things to go.”  We prefer to call it one of the ‘more obvious’ … Read more


Nobody loves a scar. Well, ok, there are always a      few exceptions, so let’s say very few people feel good about their scars. Some facts and fiction:   FIRST- SCAR FACTS: Any “assault” on your skin; a cut, a surgical incision, a burn, trauma, any tear on your body’s largest organ (your skin), may leave a scar. Scarring is … Read more

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