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“BUTT-OLOGY 101” Your Guide to Buttock Enhancement

‘Butt-ology’ -Not exactly a science in the strictest sense, and not an official course offering. It’s our way of labeling a guide to what you should know about one of the most popular procedure areas in all of Cosmetic Surgery in the last decade. POLITE TERMS USED TO DESCRIBE THE AREA: -Bottom -Rear -Butt -Buttocks -Gluteus Maximus -Booty -Trunk (as … Read more


With a little imagination, and a little poetic license- we can say these are 5 questions you’ll never have to ask. How can we be so sure? Because we’re going to give you the answers right here. As a San Jose Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, in practice for more than two decades, I’ve seen literally thousands of patients. Each one … Read more

Breast Implants: Decoding the Language

Maybe you’ve gotten a text from a friend that said something like this: “Hey! Just went to my PS and finally scheduled my BA, with round Gummies! IDK, maybe at the last minute, I’ll go Teardrop?” So- what’s happening here? Simply put, your friend went to her Plastic Surgeon (PS), and scheduled her Breast Augmentation (BA). She’s decided the type of … Read more

LIQUID FACELIFT- (Really, what are my options?)

“Once over easy” please? Is the no-fuss, no downtime, ‘low-(ish) cost’ facelift a reality?  Our mission here will be to filter through the hype, and give you some straight talk on non-surgical, face”lifting” injections. What many people like to call the Liquid Facelift. Do Plastic Surgeons administer these kinds of treatments? Yes.  I’m a San Jose Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. … Read more


  Men have Plastic Surgery. Men have Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. Men have non-invasive Cosmetic Procedures. Lots of them. Why shouldn’t they?  Answer: No reason. Why do they?  Well, let’s take a moment for that answer. You can find it in many of the same reasons women give: Matching their physical appearance to the way they feel (“I take care of … Read more

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