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“WHAT HAPPENED TO MY EYES?” It’s a question uttered, often silently, at some time in the life of the adult man or woman. It just happens one day, maybe while you’re brushing your teeth and gazing in the mirror, or when you catch sight of yourself in a photo, or your reflection in a window.  Your eyes may seem different … Read more


That’s the ‘popular’ name for it. A nose job. – Descriptive, but slightly irreverent. People may prefer other names, like; –   Nasal Surgery – More general, and perhaps a more pleasing term –   Nasal Re-Shaping – Even more pleasing. And… –   Rhinoplasty – The technical, medical name for- a nose job. ‘Rhinoplasty’ – really? Who thinks up a name like that? … Read more

The “Skinny” On Fat Injections

Can a “little bit of this” translate to “a little bit of that” someplace else in your body? More and more of our Bay Area and San Jose plastic surgery patients are telling us- fat transfer sounds like the ultimate in “personal recycling.”  Questions about re-purposing extra fat cells come up every day.  So, let’s explore the possibilities.   Why … Read more

What Does “Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon” Mean?

Not many of us today, will buy a carton of yogurt without inspecting the ingredients.  So why would someone even consider choosing a Plastic Surgeon without looking behind the label? You hear it on talk shows, and read it in magazines and blogs: “Be sure to choose a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon.”  Sounds like good, and important advice. And it is.  … Read more

Welcome to Our New Blog

Welcome to our blog. My team and I are excited to have a forum for discussing news, events, and developments in plastic surgery. We serve patients from San Jose, Palo Alto, and Los Gatos and beyond, but through our blog we can communicate with people everywhere. We look forward to expanding our ability to educate our patients, and the public, … Read more

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