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BBL TODAY-Brazilian Butt Lift & More

Brazlian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL, is the name that’s been used for years now, for a procedure that takes a patient’s excess body fat, and inserts it into the buttocks.  That’s the basic description. Why ‘Brazilian’ ? Because, plastic surgeons in Brazil pioneered and popularized the technique. Is a Lift always involved?  A true Lift of the buttocks may involve … Read more

FAT TRANSFER-Where Can My Fat Go?

“Natural Filler”- “Liquid Gold”- “Personal Recycling” are a few of the phrases you’ll hear used to describe Fat, and the practice of Fat Transfer.  Medical people will also use the term Fat Grafting for the procedure which takes fat from one or more areas of your body where there is excess, and transfers it to another area. It’s a technique that’s … Read more

MUFFINS, ROLLS & WINGS – Plastic Surgery Slang

You are all so creative, and we learn from you every day.  Take communication, for instance. Patients will come in, expressing their interests and concerns in the most colorful and descriptive terms. We doctors might describe typical cosmetic concerns in terms like “hypomastia” (small breasts), and- wait for it- “ptosis” (sagging or drooping). Descriptive? If you’ve spent much of your … Read more


More information for you, in your understanding of cosmetic surgery procedures. You know about Liposuction, but you’ve been hearing about other ‘kinds’ of Liposuction. How do you know what to do? We’ll give you some answers – focusing on one of the names associated with liposuction:  VASER WHAT DOES ‘VASER’ MEAN? First, Vaser is a brand name for a specific … Read more


This is definitely a “below the belt” discussion. A small area of the body, is generating a great many questions. The Mons Pubis, the section of tissue that rests on top of the pubic bone. Most of you may never notice, or be troubled by this area. But many women are. (And, although there are basic differences, men too experience … Read more

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