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Fat Grafting: The Plastic Surgery Gold Mine

Model in white showing figure

For plastic surgeons, fat is worth its weight in gold. You might not feel this way if you’re carrying a few extra pandemic pounds these days. But to a plastic surgeon, the fat you have in unwanted areas can be a treasure trove of material to enhance other areas of your face and body. With procedures like breast augmentation and … Read more

BBL Today: Brazilian Butt Lift & More

Brazlian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is the name that’s been used for years now in San Jose, for a procedure that takes a patient’s excess body fat, and inserts it into the buttocks. That’s the basic description. Why “Brazilian?” Because plastic surgeons in Brazil pioneered and popularized the technique. Is a Lift always involved? A true “lift” of the buttocks may involve an additional … Read more

Fat transfer: Where Can My Fat Go?

Woman showing abs

“Natural filler”, “liquid gold”, and “personal recycling” are a few of the phrases you’ll hear used to describe fat, and the practice of fat transfer. Medical people will also use the term fat grafting for the procedure that takes fat from one or more areas of your body where there is excess, and transfers it to another area. It’s a technique … Read more

The “Skinny” On Fat Injections

Can a “little bit of this” translate to “a little bit of that” someplace else in your body? More and more of our Bay Area and San Jose plastic surgery patients are telling us- fat transfer sounds like the ultimate in “personal recycling.”  Questions about re-purposing extra fat cells come up every day.  So, let’s explore the possibilities.   Why … Read more

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