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Office Updates-Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Associates

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Hello to all of you. We hope you and your families continue to stay healthy and well during this unprecedented time in our community, and the world at large. We’re sharing information with you, regarding some new protocols in place, in addition to our already-stringent medical procedures and precautions.  As a medical office, many of these precautions are already part … Read more

Skincare and Cancer Treatment

Dr Vincent Lepore

Can you continue with your skincare and beauty routines during treatment for cancer? This is a question we hear more often these days. Some of you might be surprised that the question is even raised. “After all” you might think, “why would someone being treated for a serious disease concentrate on appearance and comfort?” We’re happy to be able to … Read more

Introducing: Our New Aesthetic Services!

Heather-Aesthetician at Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Associates

  Beauty is…… You – at your best… Brighten. Purify. Smooth. Clarify. Refine. Transform. Illuminate. Rejuvenate. Your skin is your largest beauty asset. Taking the best care of it is not just “pampering”  it’s a way of life! Welcome – our new Aesthetician –  Heather!           (Welcome Heather-Aesthetician at Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Associates)  A skilled … Read more


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Your ‘Decolletage.’  It is one of your greatest assets!  It’s something you show to the world- almost as much, and as often, as your face. ‘My what?’ You pretty much know what it is (but may hesitate to say it, because it’s a French word, often used imprecisely.) That’s where we come in. We’re going to tell you not only … Read more

Your Skin-Protect and Preserve!

Woman with beautiful skin

Your skin. It’s your body’s single largest organ; amazing in so many ways. It holds, protects, shows you as the individual you are, and even regenerates- all through life. As surgeons, we spend a great deal of time training to work with and within the skin and tissue. And as Plastic Surgeons, we spend years becoming expert at making and … Read more

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