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*WARNING* – Sensitive Area :  We don’t mean a body part, or anatomical function of a delicate nature.  We’re talking about people’s finances. And there’s really no more delicate area than that. You’d love to have some nips or tucks or lifts. And you need to ask the single most popular question in all of Cosmetic Surgery:  “How much does it … Read more


Selectively removing fat, lumps and bumps. It’s an amazing thing. Liposuction (Lipoplasty) has reshaped more than the physiques of uncounted patients. It has changed the way people approach their personal goals for appearance and fitness. Is it right for everybody?  We have no hesitation telling you that people with unrealistic ideas about what surgery can do for them—should not have … Read more


“WHAT HAPPENED TO MY EYES?” It’s a question uttered, often silently, at some time in the life of the adult man or woman. It just happens one day, maybe while you’re brushing your teeth and gazing in the mirror, or when you catch sight of yourself in a photo, or your reflection in a window.  Your eyes may seem different … Read more


That’s the ‘popular’ name for it. A nose job. – Descriptive, but slightly irreverent. People may prefer other names, like; –   Nasal Surgery – More general, and perhaps a more pleasing term –   Nasal Re-Shaping – Even more pleasing. And… –   Rhinoplasty – The technical, medical name for- a nose job. ‘Rhinoplasty’ – really? Who thinks up a name like that? … Read more

Benefits from Breast Reduction

Women suffer in silence for years- even decades, from the effects of what nature has endowed them with. In our culture, just mentioning the topic of overly large breasts, will often unleash a string of snickers and one-liners. Imagine that is your anatomy, and being constantly aware of the talk and stares. Imagine being a young girl, always standing in … Read more

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