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BOTOX News & Facts

Wrinkles, crinkles, furrows and frowns. Add some crow’s feet, and you have the prime candidates for treatment with botulinum toxin. The name still causes people to stop and think. Yes, it is a purified version of a neuromuscular toxin, which began as a bacteria, and is now used in medicine in very small amounts, in a long and growing list … Read more

Angelina’s Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction following mastectomy is a real option for most women who will face this decision. And today, millions more are aware of it because of the actions of one of the most well-known celebrities on the planet. The headlines, blogs, and television news stories have been filled recently with the image of Angelina Jolie.  She announced to the world … Read more

When Tummy Tuck Is The Answer

It’s the “pooch” that won’t budge. Sometimes, countless crunches, low-fat, no-carb diets, lasering, stretching, lotions and creams- just can’t get rid of that area around your abdomen that’s sticking out or drooping. Shapewear can certainly help the outer appearance, but it only hides the reality. Despite all the recent advances in cosmetic treatments- abdominoplasty surgery remains the tried and true … Read more

The “Skinny” On Fat Injections

Can a “little bit of this” translate to “a little bit of that” someplace else in your body? More and more of our Bay Area and San Jose plastic surgery patients are telling us- fat transfer sounds like the ultimate in “personal recycling.”  Questions about re-purposing extra fat cells come up every day.  So, let’s explore the possibilities.   Why … Read more

What Does “Board Certified Plastic Surgeon” Mean?

Not many of us today, will buy a carton of yogurt without inspecting the ingredients.  So why would someone even consider choosing a Plastic Surgeon without looking behind the label? You hear it on talk shows, and read it in magazines and blogs: “Be sure to choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.”  Sounds like good, and important advice. And it … Read more

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