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Does One Tummy Tuck Fit All? Read This Handy Guide to Find Out

Does one tummy tuck fit all? A great question, and one we hear every day.  Here’s a quick and easy starting point for the answer. Think of the last time you went looking for a bathing suit—or pair of jeans.  If they only offered one style and one size, would it automatically fit you? Does a single choice fit or flatter … Read more

Before & After: Plastic Surgery Stories

“Doctor, what will I look like?” is a question in the first chapter of all individual plastic surgery stories. It seems every patient wants to know the answer to that question, and one of the best ways to answer it involves Before & After pictures. Whether it’s a big surgery with multiple sites or a small procedure, everyone wants to … Read more

The Facts of Lipo: Learn What It’s All About

LIPOSUCTION is a surgical fat removal technique that’s been in use for decades. Does that mean everyone knows what it is, and understands the process, the recovery, and the results? Of course not. As it often happens, some of our best discussions arise from questions raised by patients and potential patients. This is a recent one: Q: How long has liposuction … Read more

BBL Today: Brazilian Butt Lift & More

Brazlian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is the name that’s been used for years now in San Jose, for a procedure that takes a patient’s excess body fat, and inserts it into the buttocks. That’s the basic description. Why “Brazilian?” Because plastic surgeons in Brazil pioneered and popularized the technique. Is a Lift always involved? A true “lift” of the buttocks may involve an additional … Read more

The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

We’re taking a look again, at what patients are most interested in, in Cosmetic Surgery. You may be surprised to know that areas of interest, do change from year to year, even though the change may be slight. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) polls its member surgeons each year. These are some of the figures reported for 2016. … Read more

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