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Plastic Surgery & Virtual Consultations-we’re here to see you..

The concept of Virtual Consultations – (seeing and chatting with a patient remotely) is not new. What is new- is the way it’s being used right now, during an unprecedented time of lockdown, or isolation due to the COVID19 pandemic. And, although here at Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Associates, we always prefer the personal touch with our patients, we are … Read more

Dr. Lepore Addresses Coronavirus Concerns

With the COVID-19 coronavirus on everyone’s mind, Dr. Lepore and all of us at Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Associates would like to share some information intended to protect and benefit our patients and staff. Patient Safety is always paramount in our practice. As healthcare professionals, we have many protocols in place to protect our patients, on a constant basis.  As … Read more

Breast Reduction- Benefits & Answers

Women suffer in silence for years- even decades, from the effects of what nature has endowed them with. In our culture, just mentioning the topic of overly large breasts, will often unleash a string of snickers and one-liners. Imagine that is your anatomy, and being constantly aware of the talk and stares. Imagine being a young girl, always standing in … Read more

What Exactly Is a Mommy Makeover?

Look at the photo on the left. This is a real picture, of a real patient (one of ours), taken about two months after her Mommy Makeover surgeries with Dr. Lepore. Like many of you, or someone you know, she’s a very busy mom (in her case, with 3 beautiful children.) Now that her family is complete, she wanted to … Read more

Breast *Fixes*- Size, Shape & Symmetry

The following comments are all real. They represent the concerns of many women, about their breasts. ARE MY BREASTS ‘WEIRD’? “ They’re different sizes. They’re different shapes. They’re too far apart. They’re too small. They’re too big. They’re sagging. They’re ‘tubular.’   Although Breast Augmentation remains the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in America today,  Breast Surgery is about so … Read more

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