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BREAST IMPLANT SIZING – What’s Best for You?

Breast implants aren’t what they used to be, and choosing breast implants has become more complex. Today, there’s an entire menu of fillings, shapes, and sizes, and a lot of confusion when it comes to finding ‘The Ones.’ HOW BIG CAN I GO? and HOW BIG SHOULD I GO? These are easily among the most-asked (and repeatedly asked) questions we … Read more


For humans, jowls are probably leaders among the ‘least-wanted’ facial features.  On your favorite pooch, they’re cute, endearing, and biologically useful. On most of us? Not cute and not useful. WHAT ARE JOWLS? Jowls are those extra areas of skin and fat that start appearing in the lower face, as we age. When is that? Well, it varies, but usually … Read more

FAT TRANSFER-Where Can My Fat Go?

“Natural Filler”- “Liquid Gold”- “Personal Recycling” are a few of the phrases you’ll hear used to describe Fat, and the practice of Fat Transfer.  Medical people will also use the term Fat Grafting for the procedure which takes fat from one or more areas of your body where there is excess, and transfers it to another area. It’s a technique that’s … Read more

Dr. Lepore Honored for Patient Education

A TOP INFLUENCER IN COSMETIC MEDICINE (PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY) We congratulate Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Vincent Lepore, once again, for special recognition from the online medical information site,  This year, Dr. Lepore is among 500 doctors worldwide to receive a prestigious award honoring the top influencers on RealSelf. This is the fourth time Dr. Lepore has been recognized for his ongoing … Read more



  Why is the Facelift ‘back’?  and Where did it go? Let’s rewind a little bit. The Facelift, always one of the signature procedures in the field of Plastic Surgery, has had some shifts in popularity in recent years. New, mimimally-invasive technologies can explain a tendency to explore other options rather than surgery. And, changing public perception and attitude account for … Read more

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