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Facelift, Fillers, or Both? The Barefaced Truth

We understand. Believe us, we do. You’d like to have some “facial rejuvenation.” You’d like to look natural, but better. And, you’d like to avoid surgery.  Possible? Well, two things.  And, both are true. 1.   “What you want to hear” Modern injectable fillers, Botox-type injections, and facial implants, can often give you the improvement you want. 2.   “What you’d rather … Read more


Have you noticed the signs? The skirts or jeans you were wearing last summer- are a little more snug than you remember. That stretchy, body-skimming top- may now be highlighting an extra little curve, bump, or ripple.  Yes, it could be “Winter Waistline.” For many of us, winter lifestyles include spending more time indoors, attending lots of holiday events, dinners, … Read more


Patients share their personal concerns with their doctors. This is certainly among the most personal and intimate of cosmetic surgical issues. Labiaplasty can be described as plastic surgery of the vaginal area. It’s true that today, “styles” have changed. Waxing has become so prevalent that the vaginal area is, frankly, much more visible than in years past.  And yes, many … Read more


A crucial step on the path to any cosmetic surgery, is the Cosmetic Consultation – the initial session with the doctor, the “meet and greet,” the Q and A. It’s the time for honest assessments of your hopes and dreams, a time to ask anything, and a time to really listen to the answers. We’ll sketch out the scenario for … Read more


COSMETIC PROCEDURES: A Guide for answering the questions: ‘WHEN?’ AND ‘HOW LONG?’ This topic also qualifies for the title:  “We wish we had a nickel for every time this question is asked.” It starts this way:   “Doctor, I want to have a (fill in the blank).”  “How long will my results last?”   -and- “When should I have this done?” To try … Read more

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