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Breast Augmentation FAQ

Year after year, breast augmentation endures as one of the top plastic surgery procedures in the United States. As it becomes safer and more effective, its popularity continues to climb. Breast augmentation by San Jose, CA surgeon Dr. Vincent Lepore has helped hundreds of women increase their feelings of confidence and femininity. But with all the surgical options available, navigating this exciting procedure can feel overwhelming. Here, Dr. Lepore provides answers to some of the most common questions he hears about surgical breast augmentation.

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Before & After Breast Augmentation

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How do I choose the right implants for my body?

With so many options available to today's breast augmentation patients, choosing the right ones for yourself can feel like a daunting task. Many choices, such as the decision to have silicone or saline implants, are merely a matter of personal preference. Some surgical options are better suited to some patients more than others, such as placement under or over the muscle. When you visit Dr. Lepore to discuss your options for breast implants at his San Jose practice, he uses his expertise to guide you through each factor of the selection process, including placement, size, material, shape, incision location, and more.

Where will Dr. Lepore make incisions?

Dr. Lepore offers several different incision options at his San Jose practice for breast augmentation patients with different needs and goals, and he helps you determine which one is best suited to your surgery. The 3 most common incisions are:

  • Periareolar: This incision traces around the areola, which is the area of dark skin surrounding the nipple. This incision heals into a very discreet scar.
  • Inframammary: An inframammary incision is made along the crease beneath the breast. With proper postoperative care, these scars fade significantly and are well-hidden in clothing and most swimwear.
  • Transaxillary: A transaxillary incision is made in the armpit and leaves no scar on the breast at all.

Will I need surgical drains after my breast augmentation?

No. Although surgical drains are often a part of other cosmetic surgery procedures, such as tummy tuck, they are not necessary after breast augmentation.

How do I know whether I need a breast lift or augmentation?

This is a common question for women who know they are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts but are unsure how to change them. Breast augmentation makes the breasts larger, but it does not help with sagging tissue. If a patient's breasts are sagging so that the nipples point downward, she may want to consider a breast lift or a combination lift-augmentation. Dr. Lepore commonly performs these options as part of a complete Mommy Makeover, which also includes body contouring components.

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Will I be able to breastfeed with implants?

Many patients are pleased to learn that breastfeeding is still possible with breast implants. If you'd like to have children in the future, talk to Dr. Lepore about your options during your consultation. There are techniques he can use during surgery to increase your chances of successful breastfeeding in the future.

What are the potential risks of breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a common procedure with high levels of patient satisfaction. However, like any surgery, it does carry the potential for complications. These include infection, excessive bleeding, and complications related to anesthesia. Other complications specific to breast augmentation include implant leakage or displacement and the development of excessive scar tissue, called capsular contracture. Implant complications are uncommon and generally not physically harmful. They may be corrected with revisionary surgery.

How long will my implants last?

Although breast implants can last for many years, they may weaken over time and can become more prone to complications. Their longevity may depend on many factors, but most implants last about 10 to 20 years before they should be replaced or removed. Dr. Lepore can help you determine when it might be time to undergo revisionary surgery.

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How much does breast augmentation cost?

Breast augmentation is a highly customized surgery, so it's not possible to provide an exact quote over the Internet. Dr. Lepore's prices are competitive with other highly qualified plastic surgeons in the San Jose metro area. Cost is determined by the implants used, the surgical approach, and the patient's anatomy. During your consultation, Dr. Lepore provides you with a written quote that's customized to reflect your surgical preferences.

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