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Facial Rejuvenation FAQ

Facial rejuvenation is a large part of our plastic surgery practice in San Jose. Today, a wide variety of options exists for patients who wish to balance their features, ease the effects of aging or damage, or simply improve their regular skincare regimens. But the large number of options available, from rhinoplasty to facelift, can make it difficult for our San Jose-area patients to determine which choices are right for them. Here, check out Dr. Vincent Lepore's answers to the questions he hears most often from his facial rejuvenation patients.

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How do I know when I'm ready for a face lift?

Dr. Lepore tells his facelift patients that there is no "perfect" age to undergo the surgery. Instead, candidacy is determined by physical symptoms, which can affect different patients at different times. The best candidates are healthy adults who are bothered by significant laxity in the lower face, including on the jawline and chin. A face lift can also reduce the presence of unwanted fat deposits for a sleeker, smoother profile. If you are a healthy adult who is experiencing these symptoms, you may be a good candidate regardless of age.

I'm concerned by lines and wrinkles around my eyes. Will a face lift help?

Facelift surgery focuses primarily on the lower face, so lines around the eyes, such as crow's feet, will not be affected. However, many patients who wish for more comprehensive improvement often get a combination procedure that includes upper face surgeries, such as blepharoplasty (or eyelid surgery). In San Jose, Dr. Lepore frequently performs facelift surgery using this combinational approach, enhancing the final result and minimizing total recovery time.

Which other procedures work well with facelift surgery?

Dr. Lepore routinely customizes his approach to each patient's facelift surgery for maximum effectiveness. Some patients choose to add brow lift surgery to their face lifts to raise a sagging brow for an alert, refreshed appearance.

Although facelift surgery can improve the neck, patients who'd like a deeper enhancement of this area can get great results through the addition of neck lift surgery. This surgery can eliminate the appearance of a "turkey wattle" and smooth out lines and crepey skin.

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What is recovery like after a facial rejuvenation surgery?

The recuperative experience after facial surgery varies from patient to patient, depending on the surgery performed. In general, rhinoplasty, facelift, and other facial surgery patients are instructed to keep their heads elevated for several days to minimize swelling and promote good healing.

Most patients take between 10 and 14 days off work to allow bruising and swelling to dissipate. Pain is manageable with prescribed medication, and most patients transition to over-the-counter pain relievers after only a few days. There are no dietary restrictions for patients after surgery, but many facelift patients find that soft foods are more comfortable to eat while their incisions heal. Dr. Lepore keeps you fully informed throughout the entire surgical process, and you'll have a good understanding of what you may expect during your own recovery.

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What are my options for non-surgical facial rejuvenation?

For patients who wish to avoid an operation, Dr. Lepore offers an array of minimally invasive treatments to improve the look of the face. Strategic use of injectable fillers, for instance, can create a lifted appearance, easing lines and wrinkles and adding volume to sunken areas. BOTOX® Cosmetic relaxes the muscles of the upper face to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Although their results are temporary, these treatments can make a big difference on their own or even when added to surgery.

We also offer topical skincare lines such as Obagi® and SkinMedica®, and our registered nurses perform light treatments including the Obagi Blue Peel®. They can also answer questions about Latisse® eyelash enhancement and other popular products available at our practice.

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