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Neck Lift

In the San Jose area, women and men seeking neck lift options or double chin solutions frequently visit Dr. Vincent Lepore. The neck often gives away our age long before the rest of the body does, with thin, lax skin or deep creases and fat deposits. Although many topical products and non-surgical treatments can improve the condition of the skin on the neck, nothing creates results as significant as those provided by neck lift surgery. With skill, and discreetly placed incisions, Dr. Lepore can help restore your neck for a more youthful look.

Dr. Lepore is a board-certified, Stanford-trained plastic surgeon who has been in private practice in San Jose for more than 2 decades. To learn more about your neck lift surgery, request a free cosmetic consultation online or call Dr. Lepore's office at (408) 356-4241.

Neck Lift Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.
  • Neck Lift case #171 before photo
    Neck Lift case #171 after photo

    Case #171

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    Neck Lift case #123 after photo

    Case #123

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Understanding Neck Lift

Because the delicate skin of the neck is regularly exposed to the sun and other environmental factors, it is often one of the first parts of the body to show age. Common concerns may cause you to shy away from photos or feel self-conscious, including:

  • Sagginess
  • A "crepey" texture
  • A double chin
  • Horizontal creases
  • Vertical bands

Neck lift surgery addresses the structures of the neck and solves these concerns at their source, creating results that are both natural-looking and sustained.

Dr. Vincent Lepore

Board-certified and Stanford-trained, Dr. Vincent Lepore is trusted by countless San Jose-area men and women to create the results they want using today's most reliable techniques. Get to know this remarkable surgeon.

Meet Dr. Lepore

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What About the Chin?

For patients bothered by a double chin or marked laxity around their chin, Dr. Lepore may also incorporate chin augmentation. At his San Jose practice, patients have the option of a surgically placed chin implant or nonsurgical injectable fillers to add projection to the chin. You may also explore whether you might be a candidate for KYBELLA®, the FDA-approved injectable treatment for the reduction of "double chin."

Dr. Lepore discusses your eligibility for these procedures with you during your consultation. It's important to understand that chin enhancement cannot correct lax, sagging neck skin; only a neck lift can do that.

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Your Neck Lift Options

Your neck lift may be performed while you are under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. The type of anesthesia Dr. Lepore selects for your procedure depends on the significance of your surgery and other factors, such as your overall health. In any case, neck lift is an outpatient procedure, which means that you may return home the same day.

Although neck lift surgery is a popular procedure on its own, it's often combined with a facelift, brow lift, or other procedures to improve the contours of the face.

What to Expect

Neck lift surgery generally may take about 2 hours or less to complete. Your surgery may be longer if you undergo multiple procedures at once. Once you are fully anesthetized, Dr. Lepore makes very small incisions behind your ears. He may also make an incision below your chin, depending on your goals. Through these incisions, he accesses the supportive structures of the neck to tighten the area and restore a youthful contour. He also removes excess skin for a smoother, better proportioned profile. He may also selectively remove unwanted fat deposits using a gentle form of liposuction. Once he's satisfied with the improvements he's made, Dr. Lepore closes your incisions with sutures.

After a brief period of observation, you're permitted to return home with the help of a friend or family member. You'll be given post-surgical instructions, which are very important to follow. For the first several days after surgery, it's important to keep your head upright to help prevent excessive swelling. Dr. Lepore prescribes pain medication to keep you comfortable, and you may find that you're able to transition to over-the-counter products in just a few days. Depending on the significance of your procedure, you may be able to return to work after 1 to 2 weeks. During your follow-up appointments, Dr. Lepore lets you know when you may get back to more vigorous activities including exercise.

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Your Procedure

Your New Look

As you heal, the new, improved contours of your neck will become obvious. Although neck lift surgery can significantly turn back the clock on facial aging, it doesn't stop it altogether. Over the years following surgery, your neck will continue to age naturally. You may opt to touch up your results with a non-surgical treatment. When the time comes, Dr. Lepore can advise you on the right option for you.

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