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Your First Visit

Welcome! Your journey to a new look begins with a consultation in our office. Dr. Vincent Lepore values this opportunity to get to know you and understand the changes you'd like to see. After hearing your concerns, he will carefully assess your desired goals, and advise you on how to achieve the best results. To make the most of this visit, we encourage you to review this page and take a bit of time to prepare for your cosmetic plastic surgery consultation in San Jose with Dr. Lepore.

We strive to make your time with us positive and rewarding. If you're ready meet with Dr. Lepore, request your free cosmetic consultation or call (408) 356-4241.

Consider Your Goals

Before you visit our office, it's important to really think about what you hope to achieve through your cosmetic procedure. Although you may want a nose like a certain actor's or breasts like a certain supermodel, think about specifics that relate to you. Statements such as, "I want my breasts to be fuller but natural looking," or "I don't like the bump on the bridge of my nose," help Dr. Lepore visualize what you'd like to achieve. He will give you his expert assessment of how your goals relate to your unique anatomy and set of features.

Schedule Your Consultation

Once you're ready to share your cosmetic goals with Dr. Lepore, it's time to request a consultation. In our office, consultations for cosmetic procedures are free of charge. You may use our online form or, you can call our office at (408) 356-4241 for an appointment. When you speak with a member of our office staff, have your calendar and basic information on hand including:

  • What type of procedure you are considering
  • Available dates and times
  • Your phone number, email address, mailing address, and other basic information

We value your time. Once you've scheduled your free consultation, we ask that you please make it a priority to keep the appointment!

Taking Care of Paperwork

After scheduling your consultation, we will email you the necessary forms with a security code and a link. (Protecting your privacy is important to us.) For your convenience, you can complete the forms before your appointment and send them back to us through the links provided. Feel free to call our office if you need assistance with this process.

When you come in on appointment day, you'll be welcomed by one of our staff members and then asked for a form of I.D. and an insurance card. Although most cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance, we're required to ask because we have a surgical center within our office. We will also check to see whether any portion of your treatment may be covered by insurance.

Your Visit With Dr. Lepore

You'll most likely begin your visit by having a chat with Dr. Lepore to discuss your goals, express concerns, and ask questions. If you're hesitant about sharing personal matters with a physician, be reassured that most patients find it easy to communicate with Dr. Lepore. Keep in mind that he has extensive experience in all areas of plastic surgery. It's likely he has helped people with concerns similar to yours, many times. This visit is a time to share your personal concerns in a comfortable and professional atmosphere.

In addition to reviewing your goals, Dr. Lepore will review your medical history. Depending on the situation, your blood pressure and weight may also be checked. You may be asked to change into a patient gown in private, so Dr. Lepore can examine the areas you'd like to improve.

After an unhurried conversation and thorough assessment, Dr. Lepore will recommend a treatment plan that incorporates your unique goals and anatomy.

Dr. Vincent Lepore

Board-certified and Stanford-trained, Dr. Vincent Lepore is trusted by countless San Jose-area men and women to create the results they want using today's most reliable techniques. Get to know this remarkable surgeon.

Meet Dr. Lepore

Review Fees & Financial Considerations

At the end of your consultation, our patient coordinator will review the costs associated with the procedure you want. You will be given a written estimate that will include fees associated with your specific procedure, including:

  • Surgical time
  • Anesthesia
  • Any medical devices needed (such as implants)
  • Compression garments or other materials
  • Postsurgical care

We offer a variety of financing options to accommodate most budgets.

Schedule Your Procedure

Many of our patients choose to schedule their procedures at the end of the consultation. When you do so, you'll be asked for a deposit which will be applied to your surgical costs and is non-refundable.

We know how important this journey is to you. It is our mission to help you achieve your cosmetic goals, and to do so in safety and comfort.

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