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Procedures Performed

  • BOTOX® Cosmetic Jaw Reduction Eric Li

Surgeon: Eric Li MD

Jawline Botox

This is an example of the many and varied uses of Botox. Most-associated with 'smoothing' facial lines, wrinkles, and the furrows between the brows, Botox is also used more and more frequently in other areas.

This young woman wished to alter the shape of her lower face, which she felt appeared overly full. She wondered if an injectable treatment could help give a more slender appearance to her jawline.

Dr. Li explained what injections of Botox into the masseter (jaw) muscles could do, to help achieve a temporary slimming result.  Our patient underwent injections into the masseter muscles, and is seen more than 2 months following the procedure, in the After photo. She understands that the treatment may need to be repeated periodically, and is very pleased with the results.