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Procedures Performed

  • Injectable Filler
  • Volbella

Surgeon: Vincent D. Lepore, MD

Volbella-Lip Enhancement San Jose

This is a woman in her early 30s, who wished to have her lips enhanced with injectable fillers.  Although her lips are well-shaped, she wished to add fullness. She chose to have injections of Volbella, part of the Juvederm family of fillers, from Allergan. Volbella is FDA-approved, and provides a subtle volume to the lips.  It is also used for softening fine lines that appear around the mouth.

The new formula used in Volbella, provides a longer-lasting result- with effects lasting up to a year.

In this case, our patient had one syringe of Volbella added to her upper and lower lip. The results are seen immediately, (any swelling is likely to resolve within several days).  She is very pleased with her results.

Gender: Female