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DO BREAST IMPLANTS EXPIRE? (How long does a Breast Implant last?)


This question comes up all the time, and in different ways:  Do breast implants have an ‘expiration date’? Recently, our office hosted a beauty and wellness event. People were able to circulate through a number of booths showcasing makeup, skincare, relaxation, and medical products and devices, including breast implants. One person began a Q & A with the implant representative … Read more



Your Favorite Fillers and Skincare – Fresh Savings all through Autumn for you! Buy our SkinMedica Lytera Skin Brightening Set for $200 ($25 discount) and get a Aha/baha moisturizing cream for free ($44 value) Buy Our Obagi At Home Reveal Kit which includes the Obagi Nuderm Kit, an Obagi Hydrate and an Obagi Tretinoin for $500.00.  ($165 savings) Purchase one … Read more

INVITATION: To Explore Plastic Surgery

Dr. Vincent Lepore-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

  INVITATION– to Explore Plastic Surgery We’re excited to announce the launch of our ‘new’ website. What’s New? As we’ve been doing for many years, we’re providing volumes of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery News, Information, Updates, Photos, and Special Offers. What’s Different? We’re making it all a lot easier for you to ‘see’ – You’ll notice easier navigation, and … Read more

MUFFINS, ROLLS & WINGS – Plastic Surgery Slang


You are all so creative, and we learn from you every day.  Take communication, for instance. Patients will come in, expressing their interests and concerns in the most colorful and descriptive terms. We doctors might describe typical cosmetic concerns in terms like “hypomastia” (small breasts), and- wait for it- “ptosis” (sagging or drooping). Descriptive? If you’ve spent much of your … Read more



Men get Plastic Surgery?  Yup. By now, most people are aware that Plastic Surgery for Men has become an established part of the mainstream. Cosmetic procedures for males are very popular, among all ages, geographic locales, races, sizes, and shapes. There are plenty of statistics showing the truth of that statement; with the latest figures pointing to a rise in … Read more

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